2 Simple And Smart Strategies To Get A Job On Linkedin


One of the greatest enemy of success in this jet age to millennia is patience. Ability to sit, think thoroughly before acting. you will find this 2 strategies as very simple, but here a things you should bear in mind and first work on.

Strategy always wins.
Develop a Career Road-map Strategy: list out your skills and strengths,
develop a vision for your career: where do you want to work and why?
does it align with your values?
Set the ball rolling: develop yourself as your life depends on it (cause it does),
get a mentor, get a coach.
Be intentional about your network: attend valuable events,
sign up for opportunities like YALI, Volunteer your skills.

At the end of all these and more, you would be a job magnet to companies.

Job Search is not gambling.

Stop looking for a job on linkedln like a gambler.

Yes, people often make that mistake, sending numerous messages to recruiters and connecting with only CEOs.

Applying for everything applicable irrespective of the role, job description and the paycheck. wasting time, energy and resources. directly or indirectly draining emotionally.

looking for a job is strategic. You can’t apply for everything because your job determines 80% of what you’ll become in future.

Here are the 2 easy strategies to find a job on linkedin

1. Network with people

Let’s say I know Grace and I’m interested in working at PZ, I will connect with her, engage her posts and contribute.

I will send her a message like, ”hello Grace! I’m a fan of your contents and it’s amazing how you contribute to this platform. I’m honored to be connected.”

She will definitely appreciate my words and respond and if she doesn’t, try a few more times or look for another person at PZ.

Let’s say, Aisha, a brilliant communication expert, you can apply same approach.

Trust me, one of them will respond. Do you see how strategic it is?

Yes, It takes time. Be patient.


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